WINGS MN is dedicated to Supporting elders, persons with disabilities, family members and helpers, service providers, guardians and conservators through education to understand:

  • The rights of all adults to make their own decisions, including adults with dementia and other disabilities;
  • The many ways to support disabled adults without depriving them of their civil and legal rights;
  • Many less restrictive alternatives to guardianship and conservatorship and how to make use of them to protect vulnerable adults while preserving their autonomy;
  • How to determine when guardianship or conservatorship is the right option;
  • Guardianship best practices;
  • Guardian duties and responsibilities, including the duty to maximize the ward’s participation in decision about their life;
  • The rights of a person with a guardian; and
  • How to center planning around the choices and the needs of the vulnerable adult.

Additionally, WINGS MN endeavors to build a system that prioritizes supportive decision making and less restrictive alternatives to guardianship, and that maximizes autonomy for persons under guardianship, as well as sustain cooperative conversations where all guardianship stakeholders work to improve outcomes and increase self-determination for people who may need assistance making legal or medical choices.

To learn more about WINGS MN or education opportunities, contact:

Anita Raymond, LISW, CMC

Jamie Majerus, CPA,CFE,CIA